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Watch your Photo VCD on TV with a VCD/DVD player?

It's easy. Simply insert the VCD,SVCD or DVD in your DVD Player and press the " Play" key if the movie doesn't start automatically. If you want menus and still images in VCDs or SVCDs you should turn on PBC, refer your DVD Players manual for more information how to do that(usually enabled by start the VCD,SVCD by pressing the Play-button on your remote). Whether a VCD,SVCD will auto play or not on a standalone player is hardware dependent. It depends completely on the VCD/DVD player.

PBC (Playback control) is available for Video CD (VCD) 2.0 and Super Video CD (SVCD) 1.0 disc formats. PBC allows control of the playback of play items and the possibility of interaction with the user through the remote control or some other input device available.

When playing our photo VCD on TV, we need to make sure we are using NTSC or PAL TV standard.

The NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) was responsible for developing a set of standard protocol for TV broadcast transmission and reception in the United States. The NTSC standard for television defines a composite video signal with a refresh rate of 60 fields (half-frames interlaced) per second. Each frame contains 525 lines and can contain 16 million different colors. The resolution of an NTSC VCD is 352x240 pixels, an NTSC SVCD is 480x480, and an NTSC full D1 DVD is 704 or 720 x 480.

PAL (Phase Alternating Line) is the dominant TV standard in Europe. PAL delivers 625 lines at 50 fields (half-frames interlaced) per second. The resolution of a PAL VCD is 352x288 pixels, a PAL SVCD is 480x576, and a PAL full D1 DVD is 704 or 720 x 576.

How to use DVD Photo Slideshow to make photo DVD playable on TV?

If you are like most people these days, you've got thousands of digital photos stored on your PC and Flash cards. Wouldn't it be nice if you could easily create a cool slide show and view it on your TV with family and friends? Yep, Steve, it would!

DVD Photo Slideshow from Socusoft does this and more. Using this simple tool you can create multiple photo album collections, add transitions between your photos, add background music, and burn CDs (for PCs) or a variety of DVD formats (for TVs).

After you launch DVD Photo Slideshow you create a new album and import your photos. Thumbnails will be displayed allowing you to drag and drop the order of your photos or fine-tune their appearance further.?

Next, you select your background music (a nice sample track is included) and what kind of transitions you want between photos. These are top notch and there are dozens to choose from.

Next, you select your graphical theme, many of which use some nice animation. You can add opening and closing credits, too.

Your final step with DVD Photo Slideshow is to burn your DVD. Here you can choose any technical settings you prefer and burn away. This is a very easy to use tool and one of the most full-featured we have come across in some time. To learn more, click here .

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